CNC Flow waterjet, 10’ x 20’ 5-axis (3D cutting).  This machine is the only one in the area with this size of cutting footprint, 3D cutting capabilities and a 94,000psi pump.  This machine will not only be used heavily for APB’s own cutting requirements, but there is an aggressive plan to obtain substantial business within the tri-county area; the exponential increase in cutting speed as a result  of the pump (1.7x the pressure than competition in the area) will give us a competitive edge with lower pricing, without sacrificing profitability.


Variety of edge qualities and tolerances, up to +/- .006″

Dynamic cutting head technology – Zero edge taper / kerf even faster cut speeds; provided as APB standard cut quality

Material thickness (8″) regardless of material type

Complex radial geomatry, chamfering and beveling 

Ultra high pressure 94,000psi – 25% faster cutting times than traditional waterjets for increased productivity and pricing economies


Titanium | Stainless Steel | Carbon Steel | Copper | CuNi | G10 | Composites | Plastics | PVC | Rubber | Acrylics | Plexiglass 


APB’s in-house engineering department, product design capabilites & nesting services are performed. 

Latest 3D modeling software with design and flow analysis capabillities.

3D printing for rapid prototyping.

CNC programing & design

Recent Project

APB provided full waterjet steel kit of parts for the installation of new ballast water tank systems on ships.

Custom yacht name plates

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