Last of a dying breed

APB has maintained the highest standard in composites.  APB has a journeyman crew of highly trained experienced laminators, fabricators, and mold makers.  APB is capable of building anything in FRP imaginable.  APB is the last of a dying breed with the ability to make molds and loft parts from drawings which sets APB apart from the rest. The increasing demand in the fishing/cruising community for these modifications is one of the focus areas to target new business.  APB will be launching for delivery in 2020, a custom fiberglass sport fish re-build.  This vessel showcases our abilities to fully customize any vessel.

APB leads the town in the desire to utilize new technology. APB has a 20 x 8 ft. polished table for fabricating sheet stock and clear coat panels. APB builds panels upon request and stock a variets of sheet material they sell to the public.

APB installs Seakeeper Stabilization units and fabricates composite foundations in all types of vessels for these installations. Recently APB has installed 3 units on a 112 Westport at LMC. APB plans to increase its staff in this department to handle the demand for our custom composite products and provide highly qualified service and warranty.

Pictured left is APB1 being launched for preliminary dockside testing, APB will be launching in 2020, a custom fiberglass sport fish re-build.  This vessel showcases our abilities to fully customize any vessel.  APB is excited to debut APB1 as our demo boat. We look forward to developing a business model to retrofit the classic sportfishing hulls with modern equipment and technology.

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