Far and away the fastest growing segment of our business is in manufacturing. With the advent of the supply chain problem, we were perfectly positioned to deliver American manufacturing solutions immediately to manufacturers of all shapes and sizes. From automotive OEM’s to construction equipment and general aviation equipment manufacturer’s we are building back the All-American way of manufacturing!

Our in-house manufacturing equipment includes a CNC 5-Axis waterjet, press brake, plate roller, high-capacity shear, 3-Axis router and more.

We can fabricate metal, wood components, plastic, composite or assemblies to your criteria or our engineering team can design to suit.

CNC plate roll, 8’ wide ½” mild steel capacity.
Our CNC 4-Roll machine is truly state of the art and allows us to be able to create difficult shapes and complex geometry at the push of the button.
Accur Press
CNC press brake, 250-ton 12’ wide. 
This press brake allows APB to bend complex geometry up to 3/8” thick mild steel. This machine is very versatile and when manned by our fully factory trained personnel can be dynamically effective in producing a world class finished product.
CNC 3-axis router, 6’ x 10’ x 6”

This unique router features a zoned vacuum bed and is used for cutting hardwoods, composites, plywood, plastics, Delrin, nylon, PVC, fiberglass, Garolite, carbon fiber, neoprene, silicon, rubber and aluminum and much more.

We can improve your efficiency, quality and minimize waste with this machine.  View CNC 3-axis Router projects

Accur Shear 650012
Metal Shear ½” mild steel capacity.
This metal shear allows us to quickly cut materials up to ½” mild steel and 3/8” stainless steel. This machine greatly speeds up the cycle time to manufacture parts of all types and allows our press brake and plate rolling machine to work at maximum capacity.
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