APB’s recent expansion has given APB the ability to bring all our manufacturing requirements “in-house”; new equipment added to facilitate the new capabilities are A five-axis CNC “ultra-high pressure” waterjet machining center, high capacity metal shear, 3 axis CNC press brake, high capacity CNC plate roller, 3 axis CNC router, and other equipment so that APB can reduce even further the use of sub-contractors.  The new machinery will also serve the public and private sectors with state-of-the-art job shop capabilities, greatly setting APB apart from the other job shops in the area which will be a tremendous boost to APB monthly revenue and stabilize the “seasonality” of the yachting industry.

CNC plate roll, 8’ wide ½” mild steel capacity.  Plate rolling is a “black art”, typically requiring a very experienced operator to provide quality accurate parts.  Even with this level of talent, which is very rare to find anywhere, complex geometrical roll shapes are typically plagued with inaccurate parts, taking several attempts to get the proper finished part(s).  The CNC machine, which is the only CNC plate roll in the area, will allow APB to create extremely difficult shapes and complex geometry with ease.  In addition to APB’s requirements, APB will be marketing this specialized machine to acquire new business in not only the tri-county area or just in the entire state of Florida but even out of state with commercial shipyards.

Metal Shear ½” mild steel capacity.  The metal shear will allow APB to quickly cut materials up to ½” mild steel / 3/8” stainless steel.  This machine greatly speeds up the cycle time to manufacture parts, allowing the press brake and plate roll machine to work at maximum productivity.  This machine will not only greatly increase the efficiency of APB’s operations but will also help APB remain competitive when performing “job shop” duties.

CNC press brake, 250-ton 5-axis x 12’ wide.  This press brake will allow APB to bend complex geometry up to 3/8” thick mild steel.  This machine will be used heavily for APB’s requirements on-site and in the field, allowing APB to “cut the umbilical cord” with vendors that currently provide these services.  APB will also utilize this machine in a “job shop” capacity, soliciting other shipyards, fabrication shops, and manufacturers.  The area is seriously lacking the proper talent to provide the market with accurate, quality parts requiring a press brake.  With the state-of-the-art CNC control system along with APB’s engineering capabilities to program the machine in ways that APB’s competition cannot, APB will be able to set itself apart from the competition.

CNC 3-axis router, 6’ x 10’ x 8” The router has a zoned vacuum bed and will used for cutting, marine hard woods, plywood’s, plastics (Delrin, UMHW, nylon, PVC, etc.), acrylics, high density foam (mold plugs), composites/fiberglass, Garolite, Carbon fiber, knife edge cutting – textiles, SeaDeck, neoprene, silicon, EPDM rubber, aluminum along with other materials.  The CNC router will improve efficiency and quality, allows for quick reproduction of components and minimizes waste of expensive materials.


With the acquisition of the latest state of the art equipment shown above, it only makes sense to build a manufacturing “job shop” that utilizes the talents of our engineering staff to support the marketplace with prototyping and developing of projects from simple all the way through to the very complex. Even including small production runs. We currently are working with both the end user as well as other business to enthusiastically grow this business across wide segment of local markets.

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