What We Do


At APB we are built from the ground floor up to help you succeed from project initiation to completion and final delivery day. From state-of-the-art manufacturing services to the entire spectrum of marine industry refit and repair services, we know how to get the job done for you! Every project begins with a member of our veteran management team directly interfacing with the customer to better understand their needs and job objectives. Being in business for nearly thirty years has enabled us to develop and perfect what we call our “APB Process.”

This process is simply our proprietary way of expertly managing and controlling each and every job that comes through our shop regardless if it is a short production run of automotive parts or a full blown mega yacht refit and repair. It’s a different way of doing business here at APB with the end result always being the same. The customer walks away with a product he can be proud of built the right way, right here in America. 

We want to become your trusted source of marine refit and repair services as well as your solution for all of your manufacturing needs.