Yacht Carpentry & Joinery

APB has expanded their on-site carpentry facility and can fabricate anything necessary on-sight. APB’s team of experienced woodworkers are versed in all forms of joinery work.  APB’s experts are proficient in the fabrication of teak decks, cap rails, mezzanines, cabinetry, and veneering. APB’s vacuum bagging techniques for veneers and laminates is an area of the business APB is expanding to deliver the highest quality to our vendors.  APB specializes in interior modifications and upgrades.  The APB team are experts in disassembling interiors to provide access for structural repairs and or modifications.  Mold fabrication and tooling are just some of the many unique services APB provides.  APB carpentry staff are crossed trained to work with all forms of materials plastics, wood, and composites.  APB recently has invested in new equipment to keep up with the growth demand of the department’s needs.  APB has expanded its high-end interior fabrication division with CNC router capabilities to fabricate modular designs.  APB strives to work more efficiently with less manpower yet delivering the highest quality the first time.  APB also provides exterior hardware removal and installs for the exterior coating vendors along with caulking services and detailing.

Interference removal & re-installation

Interior & exterior refit

Custom yacht furniture

Yacht name boards and custom signs

Teak decks

Yacht boarding ladders

Deck Sanding 

Synthetic decking Deck-IT


New cabinetry installs and repair

Exotic woods 

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