Comments from Nate Goodwin
President and founder of All Points Boats
All Points Boats is about quality and consistency.

I strive to deliver to our clients a product that is second to none. Our 20 plus years of established leadership in Fort Lauderdale’s yachting scene has allowed us to expand into the business we are today.

Our quality and experience is often duplicated but never replicated. We never know what is going to come at us next. We are constantly adapting to our client’s needs. Quick reaction time and a deep bench are some of the many reasons we have achieved such success. Our ability to maneuver through many types of projects sets us aside from the rest of our competition.

The expansion of the business has been a natural progression. As we saw weakness in the industry we moved to fill those voids. By acquiring the right team of tradesmen and equipment we have been able to train staff to accommodate those difficult journeyman shipyard tasks. In short we take all the hard jobs that need to be done fast and correctly the first time.

Our staff of 80 plus employees provides us the depth to facilitate the emergency projects that need to be done in short order with few headaches. Our twenty plus years of experience provide an incredible amount of knowledge for us to refer to when evaluating a project. There is not much we haven’t seen by now and that is a huge benefit for our clients. Our ability to trouble shoot problems, set up projects, manage large numbers of staff and sub-contractors on multiple projects at once sets us aside from the guys working out of containers and the back of their cars.

We have invested huge amounts of time and money into equipment, training, safety, and management.Our goal is for our clients to receive premier workmanship on time no exceptions. APB takes great pride to be recognized as the go to spot in such a competitive market. We have seen so many companies and employees come and go as everyone thinks this business is easy. However the reality is you either have the skills or you don’t. There is no longer room in this town to be learning at the yacht owners expense. We look forward to continued success and more growth. We are often copied but our quality and experience will never be imitated All Points Boats is here to stay!


APB has a very aggressive expansion underway. APB has expanded its operations adding an additional 2800sf of shop space to its current 7600sf in order to expand the plumbing and welding fabrication divisions. Completed in summer of 2016, APB has completely updated the FRP and carpentry shops to handle a large volume of insurance repair work and custom fiberglass work. APB has recently moved in to new offices in early 2017 located in the old LMC offices. APB plans to launch their commercial division early 2017 to handle the demand for class certified welders and plumbers. APB mobile divisions received a boost in 2016 with the addition of adding a mobile welding shop. APB can now offer offsite shipyard welding and FRP repair as needed. We welcome you to stop by for a tour of our shops and meet the team.

Nate Goodwin
President at All Points Boats

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