AP provides mobile service with job trailers and 20’ / 40’ work containers setup with the necessary equipment, power and tools ready to go to meet the needs anywhere in required at a moment’s notice.


AP has been contracted to perform extensive structural repairs at various shipyards in the region.  With the fully outfitted workshops and mobile capabilities can attend the larger boats unable to be hauled and serviced in the Ft. Lauderdale shipyards.


AP also has a fleet of mobile techs performing Seakeeper and Humphree’s service and warranty. AP has trucks, trailers, portable generators, welding machines, compressors etc. set up to work in the harshest environments.


AP has had a long relationship with the Insurance industry and provides repairs for major claims for most agencies.  AP also works closely with most agencies at times of disaster helping to expedite estimating and repair scopes.  AP can provide emergency mobile service for groundings and catastrophic failures.  AP would like to continue that relationship and continue to be there for our clients and provide the highest quality repairs and retain the value of their assets.

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