Mark Griffin is a valuable member of the All Points welding department and his artistic talents showcase what AP’s quality of work represents.  AP is happy to be a part in empowering Marks passion and artwork. 


“In 2002 I began sculpting and welding with stainless, not long after I moved to Florida and developed my love for the ocean and the life it holds.  Now it has become my passion and my therapy.  They all start out as solid stainless shaft or plate.  Then I picture the animal in my head and begin removing the unwanted metal using cutting and grinding wheels on 7” grinder.  When I get the body close to the right shape, I break out the 4 1/2 grinder and get it even closer, next the sander is used to prep it for polishing.  I begin with 80 grit and step it up until I get to 400 grit.  The fins and appendages of each piece are welded on, the welds are then blended out and polished until the sculpture is finished

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