Super Yacht Refit


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Class Marine Welding
Class Pipe Fitting & Pressure Testing

250+ refits and counting

No subcontracting

Over 15000 sq. ft of prime real estate located at
Lauderdale Marine Center

APB is the largest
on-site contractor
utilizing over 15000
sq. ft. of prime real
estate to support our
Refit Services. APB
does not outsource
or contract. All refit
work is performed in
house by our experienced

APB offers a one stop
repair service facility
with a variety of
Project Management
services diversified
in all trades from
composite, metal
fabrication and
variety of systems to
represent the owner
with the day-to-day
needs of the owner.

APB participates in
maintaining a high
standard in caring
about the
environment by
employing best
practices to ensure
we take care of our
beautiful city and

Since 1996 APB has
averaged 10 active
refit projects per
year. APB is located
at the
Lauderdale Marine
Center in Fort
Lauderdale Florida
on a 60+ acre state
of the art facility with
hurricane safe dockage
along with large service
sheds in order to meet
all  your vessel repair

From haul out to launch All Points Boats
quality and consistency are second to

Our service and work are often duplicated
but never replicated.

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