APB’s New Product Line Announcement

Diesel Particulate Filtration packages for the Mega yacht community.

10/29/19: Press Release; APB is proud to announce a new product line to our portfolio – APB is debuting Diesel Particulate Filtration packages for the Super Yacht community. APB has teamed up with Miratech and Marine Exhaust Systems, Inc. to offer complete “turn-key” class compliant DPF exhaust packages. Our in-house engineers will provide assessment and evaluation studies to determine the feasibility and scope of work required for installation. APB is a one stop shop for the refit and engineering, supply of exhaust system components, silencers, and DPFs, providing complete installation services and commissioning of the system. Our teams will work with all engine manufacturers and provide full technical support and warrantee. New build systems are fully 3D modeled and ship worldwide.

Miratech offers leading edge technology in “passive” diesel particulate filtration systems, with extremely low regeneration temperatures (minimum temperature 500F), long durations between filter cleanings, and the highest allowance of “cold-starts” in the industry. Miratech has a proven record of success in the industrial and commercial sectors (over 12,000 successful installs in the field). An additional benefit of the Miratech DPFs is they also serve as a “critical grade” silencer, providing an average of 25-34 dB noise level reduction. APB worked with Miratech and MES to develop a marinized package, including 304 SST construction, yacht quality removable insulation, and optional polished stainless steel DPF cover shrouds for “next-level” aesthetics applications, and SCR packages are also available. Our team of Lloyds classed welders and fabricators can work on any vessel to perform the retro fit to our components anywhere in the world.

Marine Exhaust Systems, Inc. has been the leader of high quality, high performance marine exhaust systems for over 40 years and is the leader in their field. APB and MES have worked hand-in-hand to develop the correct system for the application, including high performance “water cans” (exhaust mixers) and wet composite water separation silencers. When incorporating the MES water separation silencers with the Miratech DPFs, one can anticipate noise level reductions in excess of 40 dB. APB, MES, and Miratech are the leaders in new technology and more efficient exhaust systems.

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